Thursday, July 17, 2014

3DS Homebrew - Shoot ya Friend

I finally got around to releasing some homebrew for the Nintendo 3DS. Ended up making a little 2 player game called Shoot ya Friend. It's based off of Marcel's Opposing Pricks game in this video. When I say a 2 player game I mean a "local" 2 player game. As in one player grabs one side of the 3DS and the other player grabs the other side. The icon is a little borked because the bmp to ctpk converter I made isn't done yet. The icon has been fixed and 3dsBannerMaker is a great converter by the way.


Music made on the Gameboy with LSDJ.


Just put shoot.3ds from shoot/ onto your Gateway SD Card and run it.
  • Up/Down - move left player
  • L trigger - left player shoot
  • X/B - move right player
  • R trigger - right player shoot
  • Start - restart after game ends
Projectiles cannot pass through either barrier. Barriers move independently. Shoot at each other until someone's health hit zero (shown on bottom screen).

Hopefully some of you can learn something from the code as there seems the to be a huge lack of 3ds homebrew out right now. 3dsdefines.h has some macros that should help newbies make sense of some the 0x1000000, etc found throughout smea's examples.

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